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Justin Timberlake deploy ‘cloth cabinet malfunction’ to at least one-up Britney, stylist says

Justin Timberlake deploy ‘cloth cabinet malfunction’ to at least one-up Britney, stylist says

The stylist who prepped Janet Jackson’s search for her unfavorable tremendous bowl look with Justin Timberlake tells page Six that Timberlake pushed for the “cloth wardrobe malfunction” in an try and beat Britney Spears, Madonna and Christina Aguilera, who had wowed the realm months prior with the aid of scandalously kissing at the MTV Video tune Awards.

Superstylist Wayne Scot Lukas told us that Timberlake “insisted on accomplishing anything larger than their performance. He desired a exhibit.”

Scot Lukas informed us that the normal conception changed into for Jackson to be in a pearl G-string inspired via one which Kim Cattrall had beat in an adventure of “sex and the city.”

“Janet changed into going to be in a Rocha costume, and Justin was activity to step on the again of her costume to show her butt in this pearl G-string,” he instructed us. however “the outfit modified a few canicule earlier than, and you noticed the abracadabra.”

Of path, in the conclusion Timberlake tore off part of her appropriate on the conclusion of their performance, briefly absolute Jackson’s breast. Timberlake abundantly labeled the incident a “dresser malfunction.”

“I wouldn’t name it a cloth wardrobe ‘malfunction’ in a million years. It become essentially the most activity wardrobe in background. As a stylist, it did what it was intended to do,” he said.

Timberlake’s recent apology to Jackson — and his supervisor head wright’s subsequent affirmation that Jackson forgives him — is what sparked Lukas to launch up about the incident afterwards years.

“Janet has already forgiven Justin in inner most. They made their peace a long time ago,” he pointed out.

Now Scot Lukas tells us he’s working on a tell-all publication wherein he’ll inform that sage in abounding for the first time, and reveal other dark secrets from the worlds of fashion and show business. 

however there received’t be any longer dank tidbits about Jackson. “I’ll under no circumstances bandy her beneath the bus. She’s my pal and is among the loveliest americans I’ve anytime worked for. There’s annihilation shady about her,” he referred to.

As for alive with Tina Turner, Lukas says he has an ax to bullwork with Donatella Versace, who these days accustomed the rock ‘n’ roll account in British vogue magazine to promote HBO’s “Tina” documentary. 

within the subject, Versace claims she and her brother Gianni “created a lingerie-style minidress crafted from clear cobweb,” for Turner when she performed in Milan in may additionally .

“Tina hated Versace. She was loyal to Giorgio Armani. and that i definitely advised the noted $seventy five, dress that they took credit score for — and i convinced Tina to wear it. Donatella’s been mendacity about it for years,” he claimed.

a different affliction he plans to display is the sad ending to his best friend make-up artist Kevyn Aucoin’s life. “not one celebrity showed up. no longer Liza Minnelli. no longer Gwyneth Paltrow. now not even cher. no person changed into there for him when he changed into loss of life. there have been might be six of his celeb pals, and his family unit on the burial. It became actual sad,” he mentioned.

Lukas’s booklet is tentatively titled: “wardrobe Malfunctions: Receipts from the entrance strains and the front Row.” he is nevertheless attempting to find a publisher for his testimonies.

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